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Huge Sound Small Package: Boom Bass Cabinets

Boom Bass Cabinets Inc.’s products are expertly designed to give bass players mobility and power.

Take a look through our cabinets and find the best fit for you.

No matter how big the concert venue or small the room, my Boom Bass Cabinet can handle it.
– Vernon Barbary

Customer Reviews

Steve M

Most consistent and reliable piece of equipment I own! I regularly switch between upright and electric and the cab handles either with ease. The customer service matches their exceptional quality of product!

Wyatt W

I Have had many bass cabinets, svt, sunn, mesa boogie, ***** orange, fender, amped he, and **********. The matrix gives me much more power than I could use this giving me tremendous headroom. Unlike some of this other cabinets, the feel and sound are amazing, especially paired with a mess prodigy head. After playing bass for 50 years now, it is nice to have the sound in a compact enclosure. It is now my go to cabinet and I will be purchasing more of this line. **** has captured the bones of true bass expression.*******************

Ricky J.

I have played through them all, and make no mistake about it,most have been great. This cabinet,The Matrix, takes everything I like about all the other cabinets, and consolidate’s them all into one! From volume to portability, it’s simply the best bass cabinet I’ve ever played through! **** is very professional and has done a great job not only marketing the product, but going beyond any and all expectations I have had. I love *** products, and hopefully will have another one soon, for smaller gigs. Thanks again ****!

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